The Bloodwork

Over Christmas I had a blood work panel done by my acupuncturist/nutritionist (Kaci). 

I've seen "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and I'm not that guy.  (Though I do want a juicer even with no strong belief that I could/would drink the concoctions they come up.  I am way less motivated and way more stuck.  Still...I've been mentally preparing myself for this for probably a year.  I guess it's time.

I have a condition/disease whatever you want to call it, called PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.  (If you are interested in what that means, click the link.)

This PCOS I have had from teen hood.  I stopped having a normal cycle by Jr High and things never really improved.

It took me a long time to get pregnant (years) and I had 1 miscarriage (that I know of) before being blessed with a pregnancy that I almost miscarried (another story), but because I was seeing a fertility specialist I went full term with some extra hormones to keep my body going.

PCOS, left untreated (which mine has been for years) can lead to some pretty significant and life altering health problems.

Weight gain, insulin resistance, thyroid issues, and heart disease being among the top.
Not to mention mood disorders, skin issues, lethargy. 

If you read more on PCOS you learn that it is being understood far more in the past 10 years than in previous generations.  As we learn more about the human body and, I believe, step away from only focusing on specialization and moving towards understanding the body as a whole; we will gain more control of our health.

OK, this really isn't about PCOS, but it is a big part of my medical condition.  Do bad habits play a large part in my current health?  YES!!  I am the first (OK, maybe the second) to admit that I don't eat well, eat wrong, starve myself all morning and don't eat until lunch and want sugar constantly!  None of this helps me avert disaster.

I am here.  On the precipice of change.

My blood work came back and I have thyroid issues.  It's still technically working OK, but behind the scenes there has been a massive layoff in workers.  Given time, my thyroid will give in to the imbalance.

I'm deficient in many things, including iron, Vitamin D and a bunch of other things.  (I'm too lazy currently to go look them up.  Perhaps I'll offer my lab work in another post).
Triglycerides are high as is my cholesterol.
I am now insulin resistant and apparently having adrenal exhaustion. (poor little guys)

How do I feel?
I don't feel good honestly. 
I'm tired and cranky all the time.
The medication I need to maintain some level of health and sanity interferes with my ability to think as quickly as I used to.
I ache.
I get chronic yeast and bladder infections.
I'm hot all the time.  (I don't like being hot!)
There is probably more.

The biggest deal for me is the impact it's having on my family and my marriage.  I've become increasingly more sedentary and unwilling to participate in activities.  This has put a strain on my marriage especially and I want to have this great marriage!!!  I've tried so many other things and feel strongly that God has been working on me for a long time to make these changes.  I am a slow learner apparently (or just plain stubborn!).

So, here I go!


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