Day 2

Feeling better.  Apparently, I wasn't eating enough or drinking enough water.

No water, all the crud I'm trying to rid my body of just sticks around and has a party.  With water they are flushed out.

Eating helped with feeling so nauseas.  So I'm feeling better about what I am doing. 

I want to follow the low sugar diet plan, but I still feel myself holding onto the white granulated god with double fists.  It's all a head game.  I've been working on it for years, to "think" like a skinny girl.  I see how my sister in law makes food choices and she is so smart about her weight as a lifestyle.

Knowing I am decreasing sugar ... I do OK for a little bit and then I want sweets.  I want a "treat".  I have eschewed the diet speak and mindset for so long perfectly content with my own perspective of moderation in all things (which I still totally hold on to by the way).  The truth I am struggling with is I am not moderate with sugar.  I overindulge.  I may not overeat at a particular meal, but my daily caloric intake is high because of what I choose to eat.  It's the constant flow of candy into my very happy mouth. 

Realizing that I am actually hungry for real food, not more junk and doing something about it.


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