Day 5

Good news first!  I've lost 2 lbs and from a month or two ago, I've gained 4 lbs of muscle -- which is a good thing! (they have one of those fancy BMI machines at the PA's office.)

In addition to my awesome acupuncturist/nutritionist Kaci (insert sparkles here), I've been seeing a PA (that's Physicians Assistant) at another Medical + Alternative medicine facility.  (Ask me about my Vitamin B shot!)

The PA has asked me twice to go on the HCG diet.  (see link for info if interested)  It's a diet that is very popular because people loose weight fast and supposedly aren't hungry and have lots of energy.  Why/how do they lose so much weight?  500 calories a day baby!  Plus a daily shot of HCG hormones.  I don't think it's the healthiest choice for me nor do I think there's a snowballs chance in hell that I could follow through on it.  So... I declined.

I've had one immunity IV there and will have another one next week.  So today she gave me a B complex + B12 shot.  No worries, I'm a big girl, I can handle a shot.

I ask the nurse, "Will this hurt?"
Nurse responds, "Anything with B vitamins in it will sting.  It's not too bad though."

Pants down a bit to get to the bum (no visualizing!)
I felt great by that night.  Lots of energy (I even cooked dinner AND prepared lunch for myself and my hubby the following day).  Except for the spot on my bum.  Which I complained about all night and into the next day.  Shouting "My bum still hurts!" just in case anybody cared.

Nurse:  "OK, I'm only going to clean with alcohol first, this isn't the shot."
Me (thinking) Why is she warning me like that???
Nurse: "OK, here we go."
Me (loud, trying not to pull away from the needle with thoughts of having it break off inside me) "OW!  That really stings!"   (still trying not to wiggle too much.)


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Please know that she doesn't mean Kaci wears anything sparkly. ; )

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