Day 6

Saw Kaci today and got to share the good news about my 2 lb weight loss.  (internet high 5)

We talked.  I swear I cost that girl money because I never stop talking! 
We hooked me up with the rest of my supplements and stage 2 of my detox starts tonight.
I find myself hoping I won't have a reaction to all the capsules like I did when I started, but I'm being smarter about food and water now so that should help.

Have I told you about my "magic pills"?  (stopping to look back and see... hold on)  OK, we haven't talked about them yet.  My magic pills started a few months ago when I first started seeing Kaci.  I came in to see here while having a systemic allergic reaction to something.  I was all red, itching like crazy, swelling -- not happy.  I don't think I stopped talking for 45 min.  Kaci was confident she could help me; especially with my "being hot all the time" issue.

Thus the "magic pills."  Herbal supplements used to balance my hormonally and heat wise.  They helped when I was (mistakenly) taking just 1 a day.  When I started taking the actual dosage they kind of changed my life!  I stopped sweating all day/every day!  I cannot tell you how wonderful that is!!!

So today I suddenly realized I am almost out of Magic Pills and that would be really really awful.  I took only half dose to ensure I had some for tomorrow.  By the time I got to see Kaci, I was flushed and red and hot (not in a good way).  Bam!  She gives me for Magic Pills and within 15 minutes I was OK again!

Plus!  She had another bottle ready for me to buy!

Does that mean I'm addicted?


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