Day 7

I blame the detox.  (see, I told you I was going to do that)

Today did not begin well.
I woke up thinking that the cold I managed to avoid all December and most of January -- even with the sharing of said virus over and over among close family and coworkers -- had finally found my weak spot and brought me down.

Throat soar, I was cold, wanted more covers.  Eyes sore, I do not want to get out of bed!  Nevertheless, off to bed I went.  HA!  Yes, I just typed that.  Wishful thinking. to WORK I went.
I was so cold walking into the office I put my hood on.  Mind you, I didn't even own a coat a few weeks ago because I would never have worn it!  I was always so hot and sweating constantly.  (while I would like to say 'glistening' or 'glowing' or other such euphamisms... it just won't do.  I was sweating in a rather unladylike fashion.)

I was going to be good and eat breakfast before having coffee. 
Down to the cafeteria I went.  Hadn't looked at my calendar for the day yet even.  I was waylaid and ended up in a meeting at 830am -- which means I didn't have any coffee until almost 10am.  This is really cruel.  I'm already not feeling well and now no coffee?

Finally had coffee and I've taken all my morning pills.

I feel awful!

Headache, really flush red, a little hot, and nauseas again.  I may be going home at this point.  I make it to lunch time and think that maybe if I eat I will feel better.

I eat my lovely crafted lunch which I actually brought in!  Still not OK.

I whine like a baby to my coworker.  She looks at me like the pathetic mess I am and tells me to drink more water!  I do.

I take 3... then 1... Advil.

More water.

Open spot for special chair massage in the office today (yes, my job rocks).  I grab it.

I can now make it through the day I think.

Writing to Kaci to touch base.  She's so great about letting me email her (over and over and over) throughout this experience for advice and encouragement.

Yes, all these symptoms can be explained by the detox.  If I need to, I can cut back, but I am plowing through until it gets worse than this (then who knows).  Knowing I'm not getting actually sick from a cold, but because of the detox (told you it was all detox's fault) makes me happy.  Means it is working and I am accomplishing something.

Drink more water.  (That's 4 bottles today by 3pm)
Devour the half a cookie I have leftover from yesterday and am so happy for white chocolate and coconut right now.

I am supposed to start yoga today and have been banging around in my head all day all the reasons why I cannot go.  Have to pick up my daughter, husband has a massage appointment and if he doesn't go, I'm taking it.  I'm doing detox* and I dont' feel good so I have a note from my nutritionist that I don't have to go.

Additionally, I would be humiliated because a coworker/friend is going after a failed attempt to fly down a flight of steps instead of just walking down them.  Did you know humans have yet to master the art of flying?  She now has physical proof on her ankle and knee which have limited movement though not actually broken.  She is doing yoga while using a cane to walk.  I can't wimp out!


Kacicaffe said...

I told you, both, to go home! No troga! That's what you call yoga while on the treadmill lol...that's what I call all yoga now.

You're a champ! Sometimes taking care of your body means going home to rest. I would have liked to see her do troga with a cane though. She may have needed a spotter which would have been a fantastic site to see you two doing troga as a team!

Drink more water ; )

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