First Weight Watchers Meeting

I lost another 1.5 lbs!  So whatever else happened at the meeting tonight I was happy!
I know -- even though this is my first meeting because they offered to have me weigh in  last Thursday to get the ball rolling and allow them to calculate my daily points.  Any weight loss is a bonus.

Today I talked my son out of eating fast food.  He was hungry and coming home and wanted to drive through.  I just kept saying that he would feel better eating at home and how bad fast food is for you.  He opted to eat at home.  I am making a difference in my life and now in others.  It's nice.

I'll be reading over the info on Weight Watchers tomorrow.  Just no time tonight.  I only just got home and boy am I tired!  I actually WANTED to take a walk tonight.  It didn't happen, but I did want to and that really counts for something in my life.

I'm seeing my mind change.  The habits are still the same, but with awareness they will be conquered.  My biggest issues now are the habits I have and need to change and preparing with food so I can succeed.

I hope that my marriage and home life will continue to improve.  I'm looking forward to a better set up for us all so that we can really share our love for one another.

OK... tiredness is finally taking over.
Night all.


Anonymous said...

Just remember that habits can be a hard thing to break. I was told once that to repeat something 21 times will create or break the habit. It helps with muscle memory and thought processes. That's how I learned how to drink coffee. I did it once a day for 21 days. I enjoy coffee now. I miss coffee now (acid and caffeine are my enemy now). Breaking the fast food habit is good too. Think of not only the sodium, calories, fat, but the MONEY you will save too!

~The Goddess

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