gasp, I gained .8 lbs

Remember when I said I was blaming everything on the detox?  Well, here I go.
I had a bad weekend eating.  Not as bad as it would have been a few months ago, but by the new standards, still not great. (I was about to go back on that comment and say I actually ate pretty well, but then I went over my diet Friday night and I couldn't accurately type those words).

In addition... don't tell Kaci... I kind of didn't do all my supplements Saturday and Sunday.  I forgot them at home not once, but twice and then I thought... gosh, it's nice having no supplements, so I didn't take them on Sunday afternoon when I got home (and could have).  THAT is why I gained .8 lbs.  See, it's still because of detox. {twinkle}

So, weigh in at Weight Watchers today.  I was less than happy.  Lots of other people did really well so that's good! (sincerely)  One of the men asked about margaritas and we all gasped when we heard they average 9pts!  EEK!  He still lost almost 4 lbs this week so now I hate him. Only men lose weight that fast!  Sheesh.

So, the good thing about knowing I gained weight is that I won't gain anymore and it will serve to focus me on doing better this coming week.  I also joined a challenge to exercise for 10 to 15 minutes a day.  Which you know, I haven't really done yet today.  I'll have to go do some floor work and crunches before I lay down.

At Bible Study tonight we talked about all the distractions in life that keep us from hearing God's voice.  We've truly managed to create a culture that is ADD.  We need more entertainment constantly to keep our attention.  I am guilty of it too.  One of my favorite ways to spend time is watching a movie while surfing the Internet.  (usually on Pinterest)  I actually had to take a week off from Pinterest because my wrist hurt.  (sadness)  

I believe that behaving this way ultimately leads to dissatisfaction.  Because we program ourselves to always want a little more.  (well, maybe wanting more is part of the human condition, but the technology overload certainly adds fuel to the fire.  Perhaps living a slightly more organic life with fuller relationships we would be less self destructive.  

This is my goal.  Less self destruction.  I want the best God and life have for me. 

(The only word my spellchecker stopped on was Pinterest.  Who wrote this dictionary???)


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