food is difficult

After the Lumen event followed by Food Inc. (on Netflix), I still find Food in general a little hard to deal with.  It kind of grosses me out so I’m praying for God to bring me to wherever I need to land on this issue.  I’m squeamish to begin with so adding the knowledge of where my food comes from and the way some of my food has been treated is hard for me.  I can’t even cut up a whole chicken (I have literally called a friend over to do it for me!)  I am not going vegetarian; I believe it’s OK to eat meat.  I do not think it’s OK for those animals to be tortured while living and growing.  That is an easy line to draw.  I have realized the distance I’ve had from where my food comes from was pleasant.  I liked not knowing. I realize that I liked the packaging and ease of food before I knew all this. 

Sigh… knowledge is indeed very powerful.

Sugar is going to be a life long battle, so I’m trying to avoid unnecessary sugar and do want to try for another run of no intentional sugar again.  I made it 3 days last time.  I need to go farther with it.  More on that another time.

Baby steps.  I keep telling myself baby steps!  The journey has to start somewhere.


Mrs. Brewer said...

I'm still very proud of you. I know you have a couple of hurdles to deal with right now like where food comes from. You will adjust again as you deal with this issue and as time grow farther away from your initial viewing of the show. I know you can do 4 days with no intentional sugar. Remember to make attainable goals. You are doing so well. ~The Goddess

Bridgette Beal said...

Attainable goals! There is a couple of good words! Thank you Goddess!

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