lost weight

I've been on Weight Watchers for 10 weeks (11 weeks?) and have lost the same 3 lbs several times.  I am terrible at tracking because it's laborious for me, but I do think that it's all a good idea.  Will I continue when they are done?  I'm not sure, but weighing in each week sure does keep you honest!  Maybe I should get a scale for my bathroom.

Still, after a women's retreat weekend including a chocolate fountain... I still lost (though a small amount - we are celebrating all victory at this point).

I am encouraged to push forward.  One of my fellow WW gals has lost 9lbs and that is pretty exciting.  So I want to try harder and stop allowing myself to languish in the same  place I've been for years -- eating whatever I want without regard to the consequences.

What does this mean?
It means I need to PLAN AHEAD!
This can ultimately be good.  If we do this as a family, it could be a nice healthy thing we all do together!  All make lunch for the next day.  It could be nice.

Right now though, my house is a disaster.  I need to pull the carpet up because after a dog who pee'd everywhere (he lives someplace else now) and a cat who is following suit -- it smells and I don't think any cleaning is going to help it.  I've always thought carpet in a main house with children is just silly anyway.  I just don't want it to look stupid if I pull it all up.  I get so easily overwhelmed by all there is to do.  My cleaning lady quit (she actually just stopped coming and I even tipped her weekly).  I have somebody else now, but I'm embarrassed.  I know I need help but part of me feels like I really need to do this myself.  I haven't felt that way before so is this something I'm supposed to do on my own?  Why does life have to be so hard (and these aren't even real problems in the scheme of life)?!

So, one step at a time.  

Goals this week:
Get downstairs clean.
Pull up carpet in dining room -- how can I cut it?  Will have to look into this.
Make lunch once.
Bring shake stuff in to work so I have it to eat there. :)

I had another goal and I accomplished it today.  I've been putting off making an appointment with another dermatologist for my daughter and I did that today.  I set an appointment on my cell and that made a difference.  I just need something to remind me.  
I have to find ways to get around myself to remember it all!

My pregnant kitty is making a lot of noise.  I wonder if she's going into labor.  Sigh.  I want to be here when she is just in case, but the chances are slim that I will be.


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