So, this journey I'm on is both physical and spiritual...and mental.
I realize that I am in fact, quite rebellious.  I sabbotage myself in thinking and give way to eating whatever I want.  Especially during these past few weeks where I've been feeling so powerless because of all the evil I'm seeing in the world.  I finally realized (thanks to Mom) part of my problem.

I've been believing a lie. 

I have always loved the quote:
"All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing."

It's not actually true.  At least not completely.

The lie is that we evil won't exist; but it will.  Evil will always exist this side of heaven.  Actually, I could probably say evil will always exist because hell is for eternity. 

That kind of takes the pressure off, at least for me.

Do we have to stand up against evil?  Yes.  In our daily life and wherever we come in contact with it.  We must fight or evil will take over.

I am looking at what evil I need to fight.  I still get overwhelmed by the volume of causes and I don't want to spend so much time looking out that my own family is neglected in the name of fighting evil.  That falls into the letting good get in the way of best.  I want the best!


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