good news / bad news

Good news, I weighed in today with every expectation that I had gained weight.  I'm even on my cycle (sorry for the TMI) but it's an even bigger deal that I actually LOST 1 LB because of that TMI.  I'm so happy.  It means that even with my failure to exercise this week all my cookie neglect paid off.  I feel encouraged and excited that I may actually be doing this (not just able, but actively doing this).

The bad news is I am once again over committed and anxiety ridden and stressed because I've not left enough time to do some things and now I have to push myself to get it all complete.  I truly hate when I do this and yet it's a pattern I see.

Why is there SO MUCH that needs fixing and I'm seeing all of it now?  Is God focusing my "need to achieve" over commitment on myself?  Where I'll be so busy with drawing closer to him to manage what is going on in my heart, head and body that there is no room for anything else?



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