stress is a killer

I have been incredibly stressed the past few weeks.  I was shocked when I lost weight last week at our weigh in.  I doubt seriously that I will have lost this week.  I "fell off the wagon" in eating and exercising this past week.  It wasn't horrible (certainly nothing like how I might have eaten before I started this journey), but I'm not happy about it.

I realize that making the wrong choice and feeling bad about it is part of this process.  I can remember the next time how I feel afterwards and make better choices.

Still I am determined to focus on the positives (not to Susie Sunshine it all, but to keep myself from beating myself up -- because seriously, most of us do enough of this already!).

Positive:  still no soda for me.  I had a few sips of a cup at an event and didn't drink the rest. YAY!
Positive: was offered brownies and only ate half of a bite sized piece!  YAY!
Positive: I'm doing smoothies most morning and want a smoothie for lunch even.  I would like to keep doing this more!

Caution:  I have fallen into cereal a bit.  Not like I used to so there's my YAY! but cereal is an addiction that needs to be watched very carefully.  Another YAY, it was Wheat Chex and Organic Granola with Berries not Capt'n Crunch. 

Goal:  exercise 3x/week
Goal:  consistency in supplements
Goal:  2-3 days/week, 2 smoothies/day -- I did this last week for 2 days and felt great! 

I've also hit a big turning point in my life.
As of 9:57p tonight I have no volunteer responsibilities!
I am usually involved in something (kids school, church, friends, teaching, face painting -- something).  My last responsibility ended tonight and I am free to work on just my job and my family and spend time with friends and enjoy myself.

Of course, I am already scheming on what other things I can do with all this down time (all this downtime, I crack myself up really)...but for at least a month, I will do nothing.  Hopefull I'll make it to the end of the summer.  That would be great!

Maybe I can go back to weekly massage and acupuncture!  That makes a big difference and it would be great to do that again!

It's getting better all the time!!


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