week 1...again

At work we are having a "get fit challenge."

I am a team leader and while I may not get fit myself, I will encourage my team to! (I actually will at least begin the process of getting fit.)
We have several goals we are hoping to meet.
An overall goal (mine is to lose 15 lbs in 12 weeks)
Weekly goals: exercise, nutrition & sleep

So I am down for:
exercise 3x/week for 30 mins (think sweat!)

take my supplements 1-2x/day (week 1 only) & lower sugar intake
sleep 7 hours week 5 days

I actually accomplished my exercise and sleep goals and most of my nutritional goals.  I'll be powering those up more this next week.

Honestly, my biggest win is that I actually exercised 3x!!
And that for 2 days running I've significantly reduced sugar and...
2 days of what I affectionately call "Crack Cookies" (because you can't stop eating them) or Deep Fried EVIL's Baked Brother being available and I've NOT EATEN ANY!!!

My goal this next week - mentally - is to stop thinking how I think and give myself a new perspective.  Just because I weighed in today (up .2 lbs btw) does not mean I can celebrate/commiserate with Crack Cookies!

This wasn't very humorous or interesting and I apologize.

Just remember...
I'll do anything to lose weight.
Except eat right and exercise.


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