deep fried EVIL's brother

IM from today....

me:  I think my mantra this week should be NO COOKIES

K:  that's doable
K:  remember: attainable goals

me:  I'm not even hungry but those crack cookies are down there SINGING TO ME
me:  wooing me

me:  calling me
me:  they have to be one of the best cookies ever

K: My sis likes the deep fried cakes of EVIL

me:  that's what they are, deep fried cakes of EVIL

K:  think of the cookies as the EVIL brother to the donuts
K:  only baked

me:  I used to not ever have them (deep fried cakes of EVIL), then slowly started partaking them again

K:  not too big on the EVIL death cakes

me:  same with french fries
me:  though I find those easier to have just a few and stop

K:  and they are soooo tasty
K:  EVIL deep fried potato sticks

me:  I'd honestly rather have "sweet potato's" (quotes because they are really yams.  Yams = orange, sweet potato's = white, slightly yellow)

K:  silly



K:  are you working late tonight?

me:  what cookies?
me:  honest, I walked by and they JUMPED into my mouth
me:  chased me even
me:  Horror Movie Cookies

K:  you are a baaaad girl
K:  just remember, everyone usually dies in horror movies.

stupid deep fried EVIL's baked brother


Mrs. Brewer said...

This is just too hysterically funny and better the second time around. EVIL baked brother. Remember: be strong. ~K

Anonymous said...

I will add now that avoiding the baked discs of EVIL allowed me to lose 1 lb this week. YAY

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