a little progress

Why is it that progress makes me lazy!??

As soon as I lose some weight or get some good results, my first thought is, "Sigh, well now I can splurge a little because I accomplished something!"

I realize this is part of the problem that got me here; to my unhealthy and overweight self.  I need to learn a new way of "celebration" that feels like a reward!  A friend of mine was cute; I weighed in on Tuesday and lost 3.7 lbs -- insert image of me jumping up and down (you'll have to use your imagination though because you'll not see that as a gif!).  She wanted to reward my hard work, but didn't want to sabotage my progress, so she gave me...

a small tube of toothpaste. 

 It made me smile!

I've been seriously watching the sugar intake.  Down to 1 white sugar/day and have pretty much (still) stopped soda and now I've added dessert, candy, the ubiquitous deep fried evil that is called d o n u t s.  I've not partaken in peanut m&ms or the various other candy stashed around our offices.  I'm quite proud of myself!  I am feeling better and I want more of this. 

Now to kick the lazy reaction of success and let it be a motivator to try harder and see what else I can accomplish!

Do you do the same thing?  Do you have a habit of rewarding yourself with food and what have you used as a substitution for that?

(on a side note:  I think spellcheck has perhaps made us all lazy about spelling.  I'm old school and still feel the need to type every word in full in IM's and texts.  I will occassionally use "U" instead of "you" but it does irk me.  I want everything properly capitalized etc.  So I challenge myself on my spelling.  I'm happy to report (because I know you are waiting so axiously to hear) that this post had no mispellings!)


Anonymous said...

Wow girl, look at you go! Awesome job! STARTING anything new... (diet plan, schedule, working out etc) is the hardest step and it sounds like you're way past that now! Good for you Bridge!.... I do have a 'funny" comment to make of course, but not knowing if this reply board is OPEN for all to read, or if it's just for YOUR eyes only, I will refrain until you inform me.
BTW... coming up to IRVINE tomorrow after my doctors appointment on my THUMb.... maybe I can see you?

HUGS!... (ah but just as friends :) )


Anonymous said...

Go you! I've lost roughly 2 pounds. I don't know the total exactly because the scale and I have been on the outs lately. I hate it and it hates me. I started walking on my treadmill because I wanted to be fit enough to walk around Hawaii, climb small trails to the beach, nature walk, etc... but after a week and a half I find I'm actually motivated to get my sorry and I do mean sorry ass on that thing. My butt has been sore for two full weeks and it's showing no signs of getting over it.

Bridgette Beal said...

Hi Anon... 2 pounds is 2 pounds! I am encouraged by you getting your sorry ass on the treadmill and I am going to go walk tonight because of it! I want more from my life!

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