checking in on my journey

To date, I've still not lost much weight.
However, I have made some good changes.

I stopped drinking soda -- which I really though I would hold on to much longer than I did.
I went to iced tea for a while and while that was less sugar, I was still adding sugar.

I had a few ice blended Mocha's from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and was pleased to learn they were too sweet for me and I requested less powder.  Would never have considered that as a possibility for me before.

I have to be very careful to maintain where I am.  I cannot let myself look too far down the path to all that I should or may accomplish with this.  (ie: going sugar and carb free) because ultimately, I don't really want to do that.  I want to be healthy, but I already feel like I don't have so much to eat and I worry that a turkey sandwich (with or without bread) every day is going to get old.  Then what will I do?

I am trying to stick with what is right in front of me.
Less sugar going for no sugar.
More exercise (almost anything will count at this point.)

I did notice that I am having a few fantasies about being really healthy and fit and feeling better and having a nice body.  There is some fear involved, but I want to be more than what I am. (or less of what I am?)

Looking forward to where I end up.
Couldn't do it without the help I'm getting.
Seriously, Enspirit Wellness in Lake Forest (hi Kaci!) have made such a positive and encouraging impact on my journey.  I'm sure there is much I wouldn't have even considered without them.  I am so grateful my insurance includes their services!

I am


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