stress eating

Part of this journey for me is learning more about myself.  I have a lifelong habit of not thinking much about what I eat or when I eat it.  Not being an over-eater in general, I felt for a long time that what I ate wasn't that important.

Wow, I can hear you saying "wrong!"  Yes, I know what I eat is important.  I used to be more concerned with my next chocolate fix and that was how I spent any time thinking about food.  Life is changing for me and as I learn more about the why's and when's and feelings involved in food, I get better at managing my diet.

I am apparently quite stressed today.  Woke up sick with a chest cold.  I'm managing the cough well at this point but it really takes my energy away.  I have so much to do and for the past two days it's been a whole page of added "To Do" for every item crossed off.  It's just that time of year for me.  I work late and my husband is the mom & dad for a few weeks until life settles down again.

So, I want chocolate!
I even made (asked with pleading eyes) my coworker to open her pristine container of Trader Joe's Almond Roca so I could have some.  It was delicious, but was gone so so quickly.  Now I want ice cream!  Now I want another cup of coffee!  Now I want.....

So I saw this behavior today where I would normally only see it in hindsight.  I asked, how am I feeling?  Stressed.  So what can I do to deal with the stress?  I stopped for a moment and am now writing.  I think this is more productive.

I'm taking some time to go back over my to do list and prioritize.  What must be done today and what can wait.

I'm having a snack because I am probably hungry.  Banana and old fashioned peanut butter.

I'm drinking water because it's always a good idea.

I'll let you know how I do.


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