not giving up

I've been super busy with work lately and while I have much to say!
Got sick (again), however with the immunity IV I was able to schedule on day 1 of illness, I am bouncing back faster than ever.

Current plan of action:

  • At work we have a Get Fit Challenge and I am a team captain.  Goal to exercise 3x/week and (obviously) lose weight.  There are cash incentives.
  • Trying to get back on and be really consistent with my supplements.  Rather frustrated with myself for losing momentum as I will again have to go through the ramp up of not feeling well as they once again purge toxins from my body. 
  • Looking into counseling and even hypnotherapy to help me with my (finally?) "admitting" I have a sugar addiction.  (note the caveat's there... I am still holding on by my fingernails there.)  Purchased additional supplements to help with cravings.
  • Always need to drink more water.
I am seeing that having a plan is really important.  I want to post my goals.  I've been to so many sales training and conferences and the one constant is writing down your goals and looking at your written goals daily.  That is something many of the most successful people in the world do that others don't.  Seeing as I struggle with ADD and focus -- this will hopefully help me remember why I am trying to get healthy.

Perhaps having these posted at home (and work) will help my family encourage me as well.

So, I'm restarting myself today. 


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