i want sugar!

It’s 3:26pm and I WANT SUGAR! 
I want a treat badly.  I’m not physically satisfied.
I’ve had the habit of a sugary snack in the late afternoon for so long that I feel deprived now.

So, I broke down, because I’m not going home after work and have no other snacks, and had peanut butter on crackers (old fashioned pb, so less sugar, but still sugar) and good ole saltines.
I let myself get WAY too hungry – fail.
I need to prepare better for my day.

No candy (although the pb crackers are as tasty as candy)

This is still progress!!  I have to remember that.
I'm not turning to M&M, didn't eat a cookie (and the cafeteria makes them really yummy) and didn't eat any donuts!  That was just today!  Apparently Thursday's at work are very dangerous for somebody trying not to eat sugar.


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